Schulz Cycle & ATV - Morgan
106 Morgan Hill Road
Morgan, PA

Service Description

At Schulz Cycle & ATV our tune-up involves checking bolts for tightness, changing fluids, safety check, carburetor cleaning and adjustment, lubrication, and an overall performance check.  We will get your vehicle running smoothly!  Our tune-ups are available year round. 

Doing an annual tune-up will keep your machine in top shape and increase the life of your vehicle!  Did you know that the ethanol in fuel is like a cancer to your motor?  If it sits in your tank for too long, without using a stabilizer, you can end up costing yourself hundreds of dollars.  The ethanol destroys the rubber and seals which leaves you sitting at home while your buddies are out for a ride.  

Basic prevention and maintenance can save you lots of money! 

Tune-Ups start at $65 -includes full diagnostic and inspection

Parts not included.